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FAQ and Questions Post...
Here is where I'll put FAQ as they are asked. :)

If you have any questions, please comment with them! I'll get back to you ASAP.

The Big Offering Post!
Hello, all!

Because this is probably going to be a relatively small comm (but I'd love it if it grew huge! ;] ), I'll just open up this post for offerings right now!

Auctions open: Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
Auctions close to new offers: Saturday, April 30th, 2011
Auctions close to bids: Friday, May 6th, 2011


If you want to offer something (this can be anything -- see below for examples!), here's where to do it.

Words: fanfic, original fiction, printed fiction (zines and postcard fic?), betaing, editing, writing.
Pictures: fanart, original art, fan vids, photography, art or photo prints, items made from photos (cafepress, for instance), icons, wallpapers, journal layouts, banners, photo edits.
Sound: podfics, audio editing, original music, fanmixes.
Other: food, homemade things, knitting, gift packs, Pocky, Supernatural merch, jewelry, gift cards, autographed stuff.

If you want to make multiple offers, make one offer per comment, please. (For example, if I were to offer a custom fanfic, a knitted scarf, and a set of stock photos taken in a local park, I'd leave three comments, one for each item offered. If you want those items to go together, like a fanmix and a fanfic, make them in the same comment.) If you would like to offer several things, specify that under quantity -- for instance, if you're willing to write three separate fanfics for separate people. The top three bidders will win.

The additional info section is where you put:
> What exactly what the winning bidder gets (a fanfic AND a fanmix, a scarf AND a postcard, etc).
> Multiple bidders can win (top three bidders win, top two bidders win, etc).
> "Buy it now" price
> Anything else!

Use the form below to offer! In the subject line of your bid, list the type of item and fandom. Copy the form below, fill in everything, and paste it into your comment body.

Good luck! :)


Comment on the offering post (don't comment on this post directly, but the offer you would like to bid upon).

You must raise the previous bid at least a dollar (for example, bids of $5, $6, $10, $20, $21, and $25 would all be okay... if bids of $7, $7.50, $8, $20, $22, and $25 were received, the italicized bid would not count).

Do not delete a comment once you have placed a bid, on pain of whipping. :) If you would like to retract a bid, comment to your bid with an explanation or contact a mod.


Huge props to: help_japan, help_nz, and help_haiti who came up with the form, offering post format, and so much more!

Promo Graphics & Icons
We need help getting up and running.

For this auction to work, we'll need lots of people willing to offer up fics, art, vids, music, random stuff, or anything else they can think of, from every imaginable fandom! We'll also need lots of people willing to buy things from our talented fans here.

So, you know what this means...

Promo banners and icons! Is anyone out there willing to contribute their wonderful graphics-making talents in exchange for endless credits and love?



random_auction: the LJ comm for Haiti, kindness, and world domination.

Let's unite fandom in support of Misha Collins' charity Random Acts and the Hope to Haiti 2011 project. Buy and sell fics, art, graphics, or anything you can imagine, change the world, help a fellow fan go to Haiti to make a difference in person. That's a win all around.



by bagheera_101

by bagheera_101

More needed!


More needed!

Introduction to the Random Auction!
Welcome to the Random Auction!

This community aims to create a multi-fandom auction and tap into the power of us as fans to help Haiti, the charity named Random Acts, and individual fans who are making a serious fundraising attempt, trying to be one of the first forty to raise $5K so they can actually go to Haiti.

I'm currently looking for a couple of mods to help me run this thing -- particularly those who might be better at layouts/promo graphics than me, and better at networking than me. Oh, and anyone out there good at delicious bookmarking? :)

Over the next few days, we can hopefully launch an April auction, May auction, and perhaps a short last-minute June auction, too!

After the Hope to Haiti 2011 project is complete, perhaps we can run auctions every few months to help support Random Acts on an ongoing basis.